Terms of Use
1. Acceptance of Use
By using and visiting the wajop.com website you agree with the terms of use, legal notice and protection of privacy at the wajop.com website. If you do not agree with any of the stated conditions, you should not use the wajop.com website. We ask you to also read carefully the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Advertising.
2. Access to wajop.com
wajop.com allows you to use the wajop.com website as stipulated in the Terms of Use by adhering to the following conditions:
The wajop.com website may be used strictly for personal, commercial and non-commercial purposes.
In order to add advertising content you are required to create a user account.
You are not allowed to use another user’s account, user name and password without the permission of the person who created the account.
You are no allowed to use expletives, offensive, profane or other inappropriate words as user names. Should a user fail to adhere to this provision, wajop.com, reserves the right to discontinue their access, delete their account and any content they may have added.
During the account creation process you must provide genuine and complete data.
During the registration you are required to agree with the Terms of Use, which are subject to change by wajop.com; it is therefore advisable to read the Terms of Use, Report on Privacy and Terms of Advertising every time you use the wajop.com website.
The owner of the account is strictly responsible for any activities regarding his/her account and must protect his/her user name and password.
In case of unauthorised use of your account you must immediately notify wajop.com.
wajop.com shall not be held responsible for any breaches of privacy or unauthorised use of your account.
In case of unauthorised use of wajop.com accounts or loss of data the owner of the account shall be held accountable.
Copying and distribution of any part of the website in the media without prior written permission of a wajop.com representative is strictly prohibited, .
It is also prohibited to edit or adapt any part of the website, with the exception of adding or editing of own active advertisements as a registered user.
You shall not use or execute automated systems, including without limitation robots, spiders, offline readers and similar methods used to access wajopp.com or in any other way generate load for wajop.com servers; the only exception being to publish your own advertisements.
wajop.com allows the use of spiders in order to copy the contents and to create publicly available search conditions – excluding however the creation of cache memory and content archives – to operators of public search engines only, for the purpose of distribution of information about the contents of the wajop.com website.
wajop.com reserves the right to cancel these exceptions at any time both generally as well as based on individual circumstances.
The wajop.com website shall never be used to collect any personal data, account names, user names, nor are you allowed to use the communications systems of the wajop.com website or abuse the name and logo of wajop.com in any way.
You concur, that the person who transmitted the data and contents of the website or who’s user account has been used to transmit the data and contents, is the one exclusively responsible. You also concur that wajop.com shall not be liable to you in any way and shall not be held accountable for potential errors.
3. Report on Privacy and Registration
Registration data and other personal information that are collected, are listed in your Privacy Policy.
4. Registration and password
The safety and privacy of your password are your responsibility and you yourself bear the responsibility for every entry or login into the website using your user name and password, even if you are unaware of it occurring. You undertake that in the event of unauthorised use of your registration data, user name or password, you will inform us immediately.
5. wajop.com and links
The stated terms of use are valid for all users of the wajop.com website, registered users as well as guests, advertisers and others. The wajop.com website may contain links to websites, which are not owned or in any way controlled by the wajop.com website. wajop.com shall not be liable in any way for the content, terms of use and protection of privacy on other websites. As such wajop.com does not censor nor edit any content of other internet websites. By using wajop.com website you release wajop.com of any responsibilities that have resulted from your use of other websites and your communication with them. We ask you to always read the Terms of Use and Report on Privacy, which is also advisable for other websites.
6. Intellectual property and liability
The contents of the wajop.com website and the contents of its sub-pages, such as text, scripts, images, photographs, sounds, music, interactive content as well as trademarks, service elements and logo are the property of wajop.com. The contents of the website must not be misleading and must present the actual state of items offered in the advertisement. When referencing content, including photographs, media, catalogues and other examples, which is not owned by the advertiser it must be displayed separately.
By publishing data and contents on the wajop.com website you give wajop.com unlimited right and permission to use, display, adapt, adjust, publish, distribute, promote, archive, translate the data and the contents. This permission applies to all known or later-developed formats, media, and technologies.
The contents of advertisements, including text, images and any other potential extras, are the property of the person who published the advertisements and wajop.com shall not be held responsible for these contents. For every item offered, sold, let out on lease,… a single advertisement may be published, following the principle of one ad per one item. It is prohibited to use multiple advertisements to promote a single item.
The contents of the wajop.com website is of informative nature and offers website users exclusive first information by means of an advertisement. wajop.com shall warn the users it cannot be held accountable for the veracity of the contents of the advertisements and shall not be held accountable if false data should be published in the advertisements. Copying, reproduction, distribution, presentation and other cases of abuse of the wajop.com website and its contents are prohibited without prior approval from wajop.com. All contents of the wajop.com website are public and intended for the general public. In cases of printing or copying of contents for personal use, all rights of wajop.com including wajop.com logo shall be respected. It is prohibited to change the security settings or in any other way tamper with security of wajop.com website.
wajop.com and its representatives have the exclusive right to change, at any time and without prior notice all data, or to disable access to the pages and services or to delete data, temporarily or permanently. wajop.com shall, at the same time, not be responsible for time delays, erasing, storage faults, inaccuracy and faulty delivery of any data and information.
7. Contents and data
wajop.com emphasizes that the contents of advertisements and with this also contact data are publicly accessible and shall not be held responsible for any potential abuse of this data. The user of the wajop.com website is exclusively responsible for the contents of the advertisements and data, and will also bear the consequences of public announcement. By agreeing to the terms of use you confirm, identify yourself and guarantee to be the owner of the advertised item, or that you have the permission of the owner to publish an advertisement, you are responsible for the authenticity and bear all the consequences should your advertisement be abused. In spite of all this, by publishing your advertisement you give wajop.com the right to publish your advertisement on the internet and by doing so to announce the contents you wanted to present, without limitation, at their own discretion to any media format and in all media. wajop.com is an advertising directory intended for various countries in various languages. Since legislation varies by country, wajop.com cannot be held responsible in case of abuse, as it is intended merely as first information for vendors, buyers, renters and other users of the website.
By agreeing with the terms of use you undertake not to reference, copy, input data images and other materials you do not own and which are copyrighted, unless you own such rights or have permission of the owner to use and publish the data. You undertake not to cite incorrect, arranged, legally disputed, immoral, damaging, pornographic, coarse, annoying, hateful, ethically or racially controversial, offensive, illegal, tracing or in other ways inappropriate contents or data.
On wajop.com website, it is prohibited to include, publish or in any other way cite the so-called hot lines and other payable phone numbers, which may result in increased phone costs of the users. Each country has its own set of phone numbers. wajop.com shall not be held accountable for this; instead, it is your responsibility to ascertain the status of the number prior to calling.
8. Use of wajop.com
If you do not wish to publicly publish the data wajop.com needs for the advertisement, such as contact person, phone or other contents, notify us of this on info@wajop.com, and advise of the method in which the parties interested in your advertisement should contact you. wajop.com shall endeavour to the best of its ability to provide a user-friendly website and to respect all opinions and suggestions for improvement, but reserves the right not to act on these opinions, advisories or suggestions. wajop.com reserves the right to remove or delete advertisements at any time at its own discretion, irrespective of the reason and without prior notice or warning, irrespective of the status of the user.
wajop.com has the right to disable access to its website to users it deems dangerous to its website or other users. Likewise, it has the right to deactivate or block a user account at any time, without prior notice or warning and statement of reason. In case of normal use, harmless operation and use in accordance with the terms of use wajop.com has no interest to carry out such actions.
Address your feedback, comments and wished to info@wajop.com,
By using the wajop.com website you understand that the published contents will be visible to all website users and that wajop.com cannot be held responsible for accuracy, relevancy, safety and intellectual property presented on the page. wajop.com gives you permission to use the page, to submit and view advertisements, all intended exclusively for your own use.
9. Responsibility
You agree that you use the wajop.com website at your own risk. wajop.com, its employees, agents and other representatives of wajop.com are not responsible for the accuracy of data and contents on their website, nor the content at the listed links. wajop.com shall not be responsible for faults, special damage or damage of items resulting from the visit of our website. wajop.com shall not be responsible for unauthorised access to servers and/or abuse of personal data and/or financial information, any type of virus (including “spy-ware, mal-ware, bugs”), Trojans or similar, which may be transferred to or via our website, any content errors, or loss or damage of any type, also published or sent by email, or transferred or in any other way caused by our wajop.com website. It is also prohibited to transfer any data and content from the wajop.com website for the purposes of chain letters, pyramid scams, junk mail and spam or other forms of unsolicited advertising without our prior agreement.
wajop.com shall not be responsible for the products announced on its website or advertisements or commercials via its website or hyperlinks or published in the banners or by other means of advertising. wajop.com is not a mediator, nor is it responsible for monitoring, communications or transactions between you and other users and providers. wajop.com advises caution and attention while performing purchases via internet and while contacting and during communication between users and advises data checking prior to potential purchase to prevent potential internet abuses. By using the wajop.com website you agree that wajop.com maintains an indirect relationship and merely makes it possible for you to publish and read advertisements. If you should inflict by means of your actions any damage to wajop.com you will be liable criminally and for indemnification.
It is prohibited to input contents onto wajop.com website, which is prosecutable under civil or criminal law, or may be construed as a violation of any local, national or international law, including laws relating to copyright, trademarks, patents or commercial secrets. If you believe your property has been used in violation of any copyright or intellectual property law notify us immediately.
By visiting wajop.com you undertake to conduct your business on the website honestly, not to state fictitious data, not to mislead other users and cause them damage and not to blame wajop.com for potential abuse or damage.
The wajop.com website is designed so that it is harmless to persons of less than 18 years of age. However, since we are not responsible for the contents and authenticity of data, we advise persons younger than 18, not to visit the website. The wajop.com website should be used by persons who are capable and competent of agreeing with the terms of use, who are aware of the responsibility and by using the website also accept the responsibility themselves. At any rate you confirm to be at least 14 years of age, as the wajop.com website is not intended for persons younger than 14.
You access the wajop.com website of your own free will, at your own discretion, and are aware of the consequences of potential abuse, for which you shall never blame wajop.com.
These conditions apply to the wajop.com website and may be changed or adjusted by wajop.com at any time and is valid indefinitely until changed.

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